Seven Tips to get you started on Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that has 562 million users currently and is the leading social media channel for B2B marketing? Now you know. Leveraging on such a great platform with millions of professionals can give you great rewards in respect to your goals either as an individual or a company. In order to move forward in achieving those goals, be it, getting more leads, increasing your brand awareness or even lead traffic to your website, you should consider on working on these tips that I have pointed out below:

1. The first and basic thing you need to do is to complete your profile. Remember first impressions can make potential recruiters or business partners stay or leave. So fill all the information that is required in your profile. A profile that has a lot of gaps gives an impression that, that individual does not understand LinkedIn’s value or they don’t have much to offer. But that is not what we want to be known for. Like I said before, but putting it in other words there is no other better platform to take advantage of when you are looking to get yourself or your business noticed and thereafter enjoy the fruits of networking. So take some time from your busy schedule and work on your profile. Let it show who you are and what you do. To add on that, your teammates should do the same. Remember, it is about giving an impression and rather a genuine impression of who you are and therefore you don’t want to be conservative of your brand.

Remember to put keywords in the sections of your profile. Elaborate on what you do or what you have done. If you have links to projects you have done, insert them. Don’t hold back, it is your time to show what you have, so paint that picture in your profile.

2. Customize your profile URL. It does not look so good when you view someone’s profile and see their link with numbers. I remember I did not feel confident enough when I had to share my LinkedIn profile link because it had numbers on it. To customize your profile link go to your profile and click on the icon labelled see contact info. When you get to your contact info, you will see a section labelled ‘Your profile’ which contains your current LinkedIn link. Click on the edit icon and it will take you to your profile URL. From there, click the arrow adjacent to your current LinkedIn link and you will be able to edit the link then save the new link.

3. Get recommendations and endorsements from people who have worked with you. Now, endorsements are a proof that you possess the skills that you listed on your profile and when employers or potential partners navigate your profile they will pleased with that. However, even though they are a good sign of your skills or your strengths, they are easy to come by with a press of a button. Recommendations on the other side, are written statements from the people you have worked with, of their experience with you or your abilities. In my opinion this is where the hook is and in order for someone to write about your abilities and strengths it is important that you earn them. Also, no one will want to write a recommendation for you for possessing an ability that you don’t match up to. It will be a negative reflection of you and the one who wrote the recommendation.

4. Publish regular content even if its once a week. When you put out fresh content regularly, there are more chances for people to engage with and therefore increases chances of your article being indexed by Google. When publishing content, use media that is captivating and by this I mean images, illustrations and other graphics. People are likely to go for an article with a graphic as it catches their eye faster than one without.

Post other insightful content that is engaging to people. If you find a piece of information that can be helpful to your audience even if it is from other company pages share it so that your audience can benefit from it.

5. Join groups on LinkedIn that are about your interests and participate in them. This will help you learn more about your area of interest, that is, from insights that other people share. You will also be able to share your insights and create connections. To join a group, you can click on the Work icon on your top right of the homepage then click Groups. You will then click the discover icon and you will see the groups that have been suggested for you.

You can also search for keywords of the groups you are interested in the search tab. You will get suggestions of tabs in the area that you searched for, for example people, jobs etc. Choose the groups tab and you will see the suggested groups in respect to the keywords you used to search. When you select the group you want, you will be led to an area where you will find information about the group and then you can click the request to join button and wait for approval.

6. Optimize your page for search by inserting keywords in the various sections of your profile. This will help people find you when they search with key terms that you have used.

7. Have links to your company page or profile from your website, emails, and newsletters blogs. This will help in promoting your page by allowing audience who visit your website or people you communicate through email to follow you on LinkedIn.

These are basic but important tips that as an individual or a company, can start with, to take advantage of this platform. However, there is more to what LinkedIn can do in helping you achieve your goals even if it means going the premium way. I will finish with Robert Arnott words and I hope you will work towards having impressive profiles. “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable”. Cheers!

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